The way we do our business

NCG – the way we do our business

Welcome to the world of the better solutions!

We are professionals in love with our job. We do it in the best possible way.  We are your friends and partners. We grow along with you; we help you with each one of your projects. We are content when you are satisfied.

Our team is our strength. We believe that care and attention for each other lie at the foot of human relations.

We do not compromise with what we offer to our customers. We have earned the partnership of companies of renowned professionalism from Europe, Canada and the United States.

Industrial concrete floors are our strength; decorative architectural overlays and polished concrete flooring are our passion. We want to be innovative, that’s why we offer you interesting and unconventional solutions. Try something different, something … modern.

And since concrete has its own philosophy and way of handling, we keep learning. We want to know everything about concrete in order to help you with the proper answer when you need it.

We believe that you and we have a common goal – better solutions for concrete in your everyday life.