Nano-lithium concrete floor treatments

The Most Significant Advance in Chemical Concrete Sealer and Hardening Technology in Fifty Years. 

Pentra-Sil® (NL), Pentra-Guard®, and Pentra™ Concrete Floor Treatment technologies are patented formulations that cure at room-temperature into inorganic, clear, glass-like compounds that are insoluble and extremely hard. 

These technologies are unsurpassed and are the superior surface treatments for concrete floors. 

Why Lithium? 

Put the power of Nano Lithium (NL) to work on your concrete, and you'll be floored by the maximum protection and superior results.

CONVERGENT superior lithium technology provides unmatched performance in protecting substrates against wear, dusting, sweating, efflorescence, scaling, surface ASR and damaging alkalis.

  • Forms a superior protective surface layer that is breathable, dense and abrasion resistant.
  • Creates a stronger, more impenetrable, and resistant finish that is dust-proof and resistant to staining and deterioration. 
  • Reduces maintenance, cleaning costs and costly repairs.
  • Conforms to "Green Leaf / LEED Qualifying" and is one of the industry's most environmentally friendly coatings. 
  • Penetrates deep inside the concrete capillaries chemically reacting with the free lime forming a permanent insoluble bond with the concrete. 

The chemical reaction

Pentra-Sil’s unique reactive chemistry forms an insoluble bond with the free lime forming an extremely strong Tri-calcium silicate compounds that bind together micro particles (lime and fine aggregate) forming a non-expansive gel that rapidly cures into inorganic cement that is stronger, more durable than the cement itself. Pentra-Sil’s unique atomic structure (Particle Size) and lower viscosity to conventional treatments provides superior penetration within the capillary channels providing a more consistent and uniform cure.