Dry shakes

Concrete is an artificial material which possesses the valuable property of high pressure resistance but at the same time its surface has a low abrasion and wear resistance. Modern construction industry has surmounted these flaws by using the so-called dry shake toppings – materials that cover closely the concrete surface and are finished up with machines. Thus the compressive strength of concrete and the abrasion and wear resistance of surface toppings are combined. The resulting monolithic system meets the current requirements for industrial floors – resistance, durability and easy maintenance.


ROCLAND cementitious dry-shake hardeners as products for creation of floor topping are dry pre-blended compounds, containing special cements, quartz, synthetic or metallic aggregates with especially designed particle sizes and formulation, polymeric additives and moulding compositions that are evenly shaken onto the fresh laid concrete slab surface and power trowelled. Thus a monolithic interconnection between floor bearing and topping layers occurs. This flooring system is extensively used in warehouses, factories in various fields, parking areas, logistic centres, stores and generally everywhere, where a wear-proof surface is required.

Cementitious dry-shake hardeners are produced in two series – standard and HP (high performance) that contains anti-shrinkage additives. Products come in five different varieties according to the expected wearing out of the surface and in twelve colors, some of them with no analogue from other manufacturers.

In addition to the making of the widely popular power-trowlled concrete ROCLAND products are suitable for flooring through “fresh on fresh” and “fresh on hard” techniques where thickness of surface topping reaches 5-10mm.This gives extremely hard and abrasion-resistant surface, suitable for heavy duty floors. The “fresh on fresh” technique is suitable for new floors, while the “fresh on hard” technique is suitable for repairing of old and damaged surfaces. Detailed information about any of the products, technical performances and way of application can be found in the attached files.