MIGUA is one of Europe’s leading experts in the design, manufacture, and installation of expansion joint systems. MIGUA expansion joint systems serve to cover, close and seal expansion joints. Our products satisfy the most rigorous standards in quality and safety and are widely used in large-scale construction projects such as airports, train stations, industrial plants, park buildings, shopping centres and hospitals.

With five brands and a total of over 600 proven expansion joint systems, MIGUA satisfies the diverse structural needs of today’s construction projects covered. The portfolio confronts problems such as heavy traffic loads and meets exacting standards in water resistance or hygiene. Floors, walls or roofs, MIGUA offers the perfect solution for any surface.

MIGUTAN – Watertight expansion joint covers

  • The comprehensive program of watertight expansion joint systems for bituminous layers, coatings, liquid sealants, and installation in concrete
  • Suitable for projects with hygienic requirements - large kitchens, hospitals, venues for sports events, food industry sites, etc.
  • Sealing of the upper surface - the central rubber insert can be replaced at any time

MIGUTRANS – Heavy-duty all-metal expansion joint covers for large traffic loads

  • Modern architecture for shopping malls, railway stations, airports, exhibition halls and hospitals hast to fulfill multitude functions and load capacities.
  • MIGUTRANS includes expansion joint covers for low duty by pedestrians, private cars, and trucks up to heavy-duty with highest point loads by pallet trucks and forklift trucks.

MIGUPREN - The tailor-made program for sealing movement joints

  • Joint tapes for sealing movement joints on flat roofs and covered areas
  • Expansion joint tapes for sealing movement joints against pressing and non-pressing water - developed for three-dimensional movement absorption.

MIGUTEC – The comprehensive program of joint covers for expansion joints

  • MIGUTEC covers a wide range of expansion joint covers for simple usage in connection with architectural requirements.
  • The line is suitable for floors, walls and ceilings.

MIGUMAX – Earthquake-resistant expansion joint systems

  • Earthquake-resistant system designed to eliminate or minimize structural damage and, more importantly, save lives.
  • Provides the possibility of extremely large movements (dilations) and is applicable for large joint widths

In addition to the standard expansion joint profiles of each series, MIGUA offers the development and production of profiles and details for specific solutions, for special or non-standard applications.