PAGEL develops, produces, and sells special and grouting mortar systems for precision machines, wind turbines, anchoring, and injection work as well as repair systems for concrete, drinking water tanks, sewer and sewage areas as well as industrial floors.

Non-shrink grouts

Non-shrink grouts are used for precise, high-performance grouting underneath machine bases, structural steelwork, mobile racking rails, crane rails, etc. They are also used for grouting of pre-cast concrete products, anchoring, concrete repairs and filling in the caverns.

The following products are at your disposal:

  • universal non-shrink grout
  • high-strength non-shrink grout
  • quick-setting grout gaining strength within 30 minutes or two hours
  • anchoring grout

Repair mortars

These products are extensively used for repairs of cracked or damaged concrete surfaces, bridges, roads, concrete reservoirs (i.e. in sewage plants), stairways, floors, and other horizontal or vertical concrete elements.

The following products are at your disposal:

  • universal repair mortar
  • quick setting mortar for reparation of ramps, industrial floors, and other wall or floor surfaces
  • mortars for concrete surfaces which are in contact with potable water – reservoirs, dams etc