For over 60 years, RINOL industrial floors have enjoyed a worldwide reputation for reliability, precision, quality, and economy.

  • Industrial floors - high loads are placed on the floor every day. Choosing the right solution to meet the designated requirements will depend on the type of industry and the work area where these floors will be exposed. In addition to durability, a defined slip resistance, and good cleanability, there are also requirements for chemical resistance and conductivity.
  • Food industry– hygienic, durable, and resistant
  • Parking systems - in multi-storey and underground car parks, the permanent protection of the stability of load-bearing floor slabs and parking areas in contact with the ground against mechanical and chemical loads, temperature changes/frost, and other damaging agents is of enormous importance for the durability of the reinforced concrete or composite structure
  • Medical premises - hospitals, operating theatres, and doctors’ surgeries place the most diverse demands on a floor. RINOL offers floor systems that are hygienic, jointless, liquid-tight, and, if necessary, dissipative.
  • Conductive systems - In addition to the “normal” loads, special requirements are also placed on coating systems depending on the area of application. These include a wide variety of production areas in the electrical and automotive industries, hospitals, and operating theatres as well as explosion-proof rooms.
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical industry – the classic chemical industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing, metal finishing and from paint shops to water treatment also place special demands on coating systems.